GTR 11 Is The Designated Rope for GRIMP JAPAN 2024

Date: March 30,2024

GTR 11 has been designated as the official semi-static rope for GRIMP JAPAN 2024 event.

Made of 100% polyester fibers, GTR 11 boasts extremely low elongation, along with excellent moisture and UV resistance.

Featuring a unique reflective strip design for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, making it the brightest companion in the dark.

Its minimal elongation provides a precise and efficient long-distance ascent experience, offering high efficiency and labor-saving benefits in hauling systems.

GTR 11 is suitable for military, caving, rescue, and high-altitude operations.

During GRIMP JAPAN 2024 held in Osaka, Japan from March 7th to March 9th, GTR 11 showcased its powerful capabilities.

Once again, GTR 11, the ultra-low elongation and efficient semi-static rope, was chosen as the designated rope for this professional international rope rescue competition. Multiple new colors were introduced at the event, making it the most popular choice among participants.